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“In search of something immortal in mortality."

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Saturday, August 4, 2012
Celine and I during a Smart Communications lecture @UP.        With Jen, taking photos & tweeting during SocSci

Last Saturday in Bon Appetea and also had a spontaneous foodtrip with Shinji and Pauline!

With Jeck and Myka on a shuttle ride home together. :)

Last Wednesday. After classes got suspended, I went to MOA with my brother, Myka, and her blockmate, Gertie. Afterwards, I met up with Pam and Shinji and we had a Bon Appetea date. :)
Jak's doodles on the Bon App wall. It's really hard to miss.
French macarons!
These red velvet cupcakes were absolutely delicious! Thanks to Shinji for treating us to some of these. :)
So, this is what I've been up to lately, more or less. More on the less side though. I've been more busy with school related stuff than I make it obvious. We have upcoming reports, running assignments, long tests, exams and quizzes to study for, events to take note of, org responsibilities, and more. Of course, you can add weather related problems to the stress I'm experiencing, as the weather has been quite stormy lately. But the upside of that is it raises the chances of class suspensions. You would not want to commute in Manila in rainy weather at all.

Right now, I should be studying for a long test on History this coming Monday, plus I should be working on a write up as part of my application for my org's newspaper. I also have other org work that I have to pass on Monday. But here I am, blogging away, turning away from my responsibilities. What can I say, old habits just really die hard...

P.S. First photo is from Celine, the second one is from Jen, and the fourth one is from Pauline. The rest are mine. :)

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