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Monday, April 2, 2012
Random title from The Drums. :P 
I went swimming with my good friends and classmates last Friday in Hillsborough Alabang, and it was a lot of fun. Especially the slide! Let me tell you, we just couldn't get enough of the slide. :))

Melody, Joy, Bea, Pauline, me
We were talking about how how they described the McDo delivery guy since we ordered a lot of food
With Cath. I have no idea what I am doing at all :))
 One of the main reasons I wanted to swim there: THE SLIDE. >:) 
Seriously, we--well, mostly they--did all kinds of slides. Superman, side by side, backwards--I even bumped my head a few times--, chains, the Indian sit. It was all fun even though our bodies ached afterwards.

We were sitting at a step in the 8-9 ft side of the pool. I did not dare move for I do not know how to swim. :))

a somehow mandatory group shot, because last summer, we had a similar group shot taken at the same place as well. :)
With Anj
With Pau and Melody
After swimming, we hung out at Jak's place and had dinner there, courtesy of his parents. :) Then after dinner(though I have no more photos to show), we walked around the neighborhood and had some lengthy conversations. It was such a great day, and so much fun. Even though I got a bit sun-burnt and I got an unplanned tan, I can't wait to do it all over again. ;)

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