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Friday, April 13, 2012
Just a day spent with my most amazing, wonderful, and crazy best friends for life. And no, I don't care how corny that just sounded. :P
We were actually supposed to go swimming, but then it seemed timing wasn't that good because, for one, we were broke (well, three of us at least) and also, we had no transportation. So we ended up at my place and just hung out,caught up a bit with each other, watched a movie, ate a lot of pancit canton, and took lots of pictures.

Lots and lots of burst! :))

GIFs by Jeck

The people I love, from left to right: Jeck, Pam, and Myka

I don't care that I look rather haggard in most of our photos (well, maybe just a little bit) since I was able to spend time with these guys again. I love them to bits and infinitesimal pieces, down to the very core of their insane beings. :))
when we were in grade school, we were such camwhores and posed like jejes. :)) So, we decided to do jeje-ish poses again, just for the heck of it.
Such professionals :))
My Chow, Bruce. 
 Bruce was so well behaved today. He usually barks at strangers and even at some of my friends who have visited quite a few times. This time though, he seemed really comfortable even if they haven't been over for a while.

After watching Bridesmaids, taking pictures, and talking a bit, we decided to go to Bon Appetea for a milk tea fix. All of us hadn't tried it yet except for Jeck, so despite our thinning wallets, we went for it. 

 Can I just say that their lighting was really nice?

Myka's "talkshow host" picture, art direction and photography by Jeck :))
So far, Bon Appetea is one of the best milk teas I've had. Not too heavy, not too strongly caffeinated, and not too sweet. Definitely dropping by again soon. Thank God it's practically walking distance from my house. :)

I am just so glad that we finally got to bond again. Being friends since grade school, growing up together, and still actually having a strong bond and friendship with each other is such a blessing. I seriously love these guys, I can't even express it enough.

Until our next adventure. ;)

(C) Some hotos from  Jeck Bueno :)

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