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Saturday, July 14, 2012
I have no idea why, but I just seem to do wacky faces impulsively. :P

Time just seems to fly very quickly. I didn't realize we'd grow up so fast. Or maybe I was just too busy having fun everyday to care.

Last July 5, Thursday, was my best friend Myka's birthday. She didn't have anything special planned for her special day, but that didn't really hinder any of us from having a little bit of fun.
On the day of her birthday, Myka and I were to meet at her school, where I would pick her up. she intentionally cut her last class so we could see each other. Unfortunately, I picked her up a bit late since I had an org related event to attend.But anyway, when I got there, we decided to hang around the University Mall for a while before catching a shuttle home together.

I happened to bring my DSLR that day, simply because I felt like it and it was Myka's birthday. So on the ride home, we took a LOT of photos.
Myka's binder and my notepad matched perfectly! :)) this wasn't planned at all though.

Myka's shot, my edit. :)
Myka's again, my edit.
Mine, as previously shared here.
I'm quite sure this is mine (note to Myka! :D)
Myka's again, my edit.
Although we were only together for a while, we still had fun. Taking photographs of everything we passed by was great, and we were able to exercise our skills again. And we haven't seen each other in sooooooo long! It was about time we finally got to meet up. :)

Post title is from Delmore Schwartz's "Calmly We Walk Through This April's Day"

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