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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When was the last time you tried something for the first time, just to learn and appreciate it?

JZone (or Jesus zone) is a High School and College focused Christian movement, aiming to change lives and encourage people to step up and make a difference, with Jesus Christ being their number one priority.

Now, to be very clear, I am not a strictly or deeply religious person. I am raised and still am Catholic, but I do have my own personal opinions, interpretations and perspectives that do not jive well with some Catholic and Christian beliefs. Don't get me wrong please, I believe in God, and still thank Him and pray. I keep up with Catholic traditions and whatnot, though not as religiously. Yes, I do respect these religions--don't think otherwise. It's just that I have been contemplating about a lot about these things lately and for now I am just staying open. :)

So after all that, you might wonder why I would attend a JZone activity. Personally, I wanted to experience it firsthand. I have friends, classmates and schoolmates who would attend and always mention it. I never understood it fully, and what they experience. So I thought to myself, what have I got to lose if I attend at least one JZone event? I'll see it firsthand, I'll understand their perspective, and perhaps I'll learn from it. 

I finally got the chance to attend last Saturday, June 9. They have a different theme every so often, and their theme for this particular one was a Pep Rally, in line with school starting.
the stage set-up for the night
My HS classmate, Bea, who is a Jzone regular, and is very serious and passionate about it

There were opening dances and cheering presentations, and right after a concert. If you've ever seen a Christian concert, you get what I mean.

After all the singing, a former schoolmate of mine stepped on the stage and gave a testimony about how JZone helped him change for the better. 

Then, the Youth coordinator Kuya Dan, had a short presentation.
After the event, Kuya Dan approached us and my friend introduced me to him. I must say, he's a really nice guy. :)

The main point of the presentation was to clear up why we were there. "We are all here for a reason." Kuya Dan said, several times in fact. It isn't a coincidence, he said. He encouraged everybody to "Step Up" in our campuses, and among our groups. 

After the presentation, there was one last round of praying and singing. In all honesty, I felt a bit out of place, simply because everyone else seemed to be so deeply passionate about their cause and faith in a way I never personally felt. I almost felt like an intruder upon their place of worship, even though they welcome everyone with open arms. But, as the night ended, I was happy and appreciative.

At the end of the day, I can say that I at least have a bit of a better understanding of what they are about, and just how serious they are. I understand a bit of their perspective and what it's like for them. I am grateful I decided to drop by and see for myself. I can't say it has drastically changed me or my religious stand as of now, all I know is I appreciated it all. I'm glad to have learned a bit more. :)

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