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Bloggers United 3 + an Epic Rainy Photoshoot
Monday, June 4, 2012
Let me recount to you my epic Saturday adventures. ;)

(WARNING: This is an extremely long and photo heavy post. I apologize in advance. :P)
So last Saturday, I was all set and ready to attend Bloggers United 3 and have a mini photo shoot as well for Ate Trisha's (who is Pam's sister) new clothing business. Our morning started on an unexpected delay, but nevertheless we set off for The Fort to meet up with Pam and Jeck for our little shoot...

On the way to Bonifacio High Street from Market! Market!
The supposed venue of our shoot--a semi empty parking lot. Impromptu talaga!
Jeck in photographer mode
Photographer mode as well. :P
Pam, me, Jeck and Ate Carla
Jeck changed into his yellow ombre shirt, made by Ate Trisha ;)
Although we experienced a really wet, rainy, and somehow warm weather, we went on with our shoot despite having to stop a few times because it would suddenly drizzle or downright pour on us. At one point, we went over to the playground across the street. In the middle of shooting, we all suddenly stopped and observed the rain over on the other block whilst where we were it was still dry.

It isn't that visible, but it was raining hard over there.

We stood there amazed for a few seconds, snapping photos of it. Suddenly, we just stopped and realized the rain was heading our way. Cue us shouting "AYAN NA!" and individually running with our cameras and umbrellas like some stormy apocalypse had come to destroy us! Haha, it was all epic and funny though!

We made it back to the car soaking wet with our feet and shoes drowned, laughing at how much our shoot was such an epic fail.

Pam posing in the rain

We waited in the car for Ate Maple (Pam's sister again and our designated driver for the day) and tried to dry off and breathe in the stuffy car.

We decided to head to Bloggers United next after such a fail shoot. And yet, we were faced with another dilemma/adventure--we had no idea how to get to the venue. Thank God Ate Trisha has such a good sense of direction and is handy with a map and we made it, albeit a little late.

So here come all the spazzed fan photos. I apologize right now for having such an awkward and haggard smiley face. :))
The venue was jam-packed with people!
Laureen Uy and Camille Co's booth. If you look to the very left side of this photo, you will spot Laureen. :))
I am so glad I won a free pass to this event, haha. :)) I was honestly overwhelmed by the amount of people in the small venue! Other than that, I was turning my head left and right because I recognized so many bloggers! :))

Sorry if it looks so dark and grainy, I forgot to change my camera settings as we entered the venue -___-;

David Guison!
After fending of A LOT OF PEOPLE, we got a picture with CAMILLE CO! Funny thing about this photo,
I was the one who approached her, yet Jeck got much closer with her for this photo. -__- Unfair dude! :))
KYRZ UY! The blogger fangirl in me was dying at each turn.

A little story: As I approached Patricia, I asked if we could have a photo taken with her. She said yes with a smile, then her face got a bit curious. I wondered why, when she suddenly grabbed my hand and went "Wow, cool nails! Where'd you have it done?". Inside I was like "OMG SHE NOTICED I'M HAVING A MOMENT HERE" but then I answered "I did it myself." She asked how long I did it and how I layered the polish, then she even called Kryz over to see it! I WAS DYING. And if you observe the above photo, everybody was simultaneously looking at Patricia, Kryz, and my fingernails. Awkward... But GAH I DIED.
Moving on...
With the fabulous Fabgelous! I felt crazy and blurted out I was one of his Little Fabbies! :)) Again, forgive the awkward photo, I grabbed the wrong one actually!
ANASTASIA SIANTAR!!!!! She was the first blogger I saw when we came in, but I was too starstruck to approach her. I came back around to her booth just for a photo! <3 She's gorgeous in person like GAH.
Saw so many other bloggers I knew. I think I have around 20+ bloggers cataloged in my head! :)) I wish I had taken more photos with the others. Oh well papel.
After that, we left the venue. The only thing I bought was a connector ring from Camille, as I was too overwhelmed to look around.
We were told the we had to leave already because the others still had other plans later that day, so went back to the gas station where we parked. Upon getting there, Ate Maple told us that we had car problems. So, we were stranded there.
Jeck, Ate Maple, me, Pam, Ate Trisha, Ate Carla
We waited in the car again, but we felt a bit hungry so we bought a few snacks. Jeck and I decided to go look for a place to eat at, but we ended up heading back to the venue of the bazaar. This time, there were less people already, so we walked around again, gazing at the racks and bloggers. I tried to look for items to buy, but I saw nothing that suited me. So we just left again. :))
Since this post is so long already (SORRY) I'll just summarize the rest of the day. We waited for almost two hours to get the car fixed, went to Pam's house, ordered Crispy Pata for dinner which
the three of us (Pam, Jeck and I) finished by ourselves. :)) Then I went home and blurted all this to my mom.

Overall, it was an extremely fun and epic day that I will never, ever forget! We are SOOO attending the next Bloggers United bazaar! Plus, I'm waiting for another rainy day adventure, just 'cause it was so epic. ;)

'Til my next, SHORTER post. :))

Photos (c) Jeck Bueno, Pam Palacio, Anya Cruz

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