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Dark was the night...
Wednesday, April 4, 2012
by Fredrik Skjellum

This photo somewhat sums up the vibe I had last Friday night while walking around Hillsborough with my friends. I wish I had taken a photo that night, but I was too caught up in the moment then to even bother whipping out my phone.

Remember that post where I explained how I am a nocturnal kind of person? Well, that night was the most perfect example of a wonderful night, and further strengthens that fact.

The streetlights were dim, the sky was dark and heavy as if about to pour rain on us at any minute, and the trees cast mysterious shadows and silhouettes. At some point I zoned out from what my friends were talking and laughing about to gaze around and feel the summer night breeze. It felt so peaceful and calm, my ideal kind of night. I wish that our subdivision was this nice at night. 

It was the lightest, happiest, and most content I had felt in a while. 

As I conversed with Pau's many impersonations that night, namely a guy from Filinvest named "Paul", a girl named "Paula" raised in the Philippines but originally from an imaginary place called 'Nosbenkenyenta', and a seeming 'stonehead' named 'Paolo', I ignored the exhausted protests of my aching back and just laughed and felt the energy of the night. But honestly, conversing with three different personalities coming from one crazy person is actually crazy fun. Haha, I love you Pau! :))

When we finally reached the playground, I sat by the sidewalk as my friend played some silly sentimental music, the kind I don't listen to anymore. Somehow, the vibe of the music got to me and I started my 'emotive contemplating', something I used to do when I was younger. In other words, nag-emote ako. :P

Meanwhile, the other guys were fooling around by the creepy restroom in the park. It reminded me of Goosebumps stories in a way. In fact, Hillsborough at night could probably inspire a Goosebump story.

After we headed back to Jak's house, a few of us hung out by the garage, then we decided to hang out in the middle of the street. Luckily there weren't a lot of cars passing.
I felt so full that night. That's the part of that day I want to repeat the most. 

See you in my next post, hopefully I'll get our graduation photos then.

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