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Good Food, Good Times: The Plantation
Friday, March 30, 2012
First of all before anything else--I am officially a high school graduate! It was a bit bittersweet and all, but I was all smiles, and tears only barely touched my eyes during the graduation ceremony. But I'll save all that dramatic stuff for another post, since I don't have pictures from the event yet (*paging Dad--send me the photos ASAP please*).

Well, after the ceremony at school and saying "Congratulations!" and "Thank You!" and "Aww, I'll miss you!" to a lot of people, my family and I headed to Makati for my graduation party/my aunt's birthday celebration. 

So now, let me introduce you to my new favorite place to dine in: The Plantation. :)
It was my second time eating there, and I've officially concluded that I LOVE the place.

I didn't quite get the names of our appetizers, but the first one is calamaris, and the second one consists of deep-fried potato wedges and shrimp with a really delicious dip. (I think it's fish and chips?)

 This Jambalaya is one of my absolute favorites. :)
Mom's order: Cajun Chicken Pasta. I tasted this, and it was good too.

 And my order, Tuna Pesto Pasta. It was okay in my opinion, since I've actually tasted a better pesto pasta. Still not bad though!

We didn't know, but it was actually Ladies' Night when we went there, so the ladies had free cocktails! This was kind of like lychee/pineapple juice splashed with alcohol. I'm not fond of lychees or pineapples, but I kind of liked this drink.

Just my younger brother enjoying a sip of the cocktail :))
We ordered a lot of other dishes, but I was too hungry to take pictures of everything. :))

Let me just mention, The Plantation's servings are rather big too. The first time I went there, I ordered their Chicken Parmiggiana, and let me tell you, it was HEAVEN(see photo below). I mean, who can resist a bacon wrapped fillet of chicken, topped with baked cheese and marinara sauce, sitting on top of a delicious bed of mashed potatoes? I felt so full after eating just that! Spell SULIT. ;) 

Taken with my phone camera, from the first time I ate there. :)
An almost finished plate of the 3-Cheese Aubergine
So, the next time you're in Makati, I HIGHLY recommend eating at The Plantation. It's just a small place, but it gets crowded with lots of people--with good reason. ;) You won't go broke at all, I promise. Plus, the people who work there are friendly. Parang tropa lang yung iba. :)) 
If you still don't find my spazzed post about them convincing at all, just check out their Facebook site HERE.

P.S. I wasn't asked to blog about this at all, I'm just a very frustrated food blogger. :)) 

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