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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Just some photos of silhouettes that kind of remind me of summer
     Today was our last day of academics at school, and I just can't help but feel elated and free. The time to relax has arrived, I think to myself. Although graduation rehearsals and graduation songs still need to be taken care of, I just can't stop this carefree feeling anymore.
     So here we are, counting down the last few days of our high school lives. It’s almost bittersweet, since I've grown up with my batch mates and they’re somewhat a second family. But really, it is much sweeter than it is bitter. Though I’m quite nervous about entering one of the most prestigious universities in our country and about how college life will be for me, I can say I’m excited and ready to take on the challenge.
Before all that though, let’s rejoice for the in-between; SUMMER!

     Really, I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for summer. It seemed like it would never arrive. But now, here we are, and I can’t wait to relax, laze around and plan some time out with good company. :) 
     Often times during summer, my family doesn't really make big plans for out-of-town trips or whatnot. But that doesn't hinder me from enjoying myself. Though I love road trips, I do still cherish time alone at home with a good book and a summer playlist. I do hope we go out-of-town this time though! 

Hello summer!

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