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Saturday Snapshots #4: Singin' in the Rain
Saturday, July 21, 2012
I love the rain, I honestly do. Even if most people find it gloomy, I find it soothing. 
Although I wasn't necessarily singing in the rain when I had to endure walking through flooded streets along Taft, Padre Faura, and Pedro Gil (on different occasions though).

The first time it happened, my uncle picked me up from school (although we were still commuting). He brought my slippers, so I was able to spare my sneakers the trauma. Although I know walking through the flood was disgusting, it was better than destroying my shoes(shoe lover, you can't blame me). The flood I walked in was kind of ok, since it wasn't from the first downpour (Which would have obviously dislodged all the filth in Manila) Still, dirty and disgusting business. I wasn't that annoyed though, in fact, I found it funny. I experienced walking the the flood for the first time! Haha, experience is experience.

Now, these photos were from the day that I had to walk through the flood in Manila for the second time. I believe this was last Friday. My favorite pair of shoes drowned fully and I was terribly pissed. How could I not be, when earlier it was incredibly bright and hot, and then all of a sudden, the storm came in?
My brother and I caught a bus by 7:30pm (there were barely any vehicles passing in the southbound lane). Thankfully it was empty and u-turned in front us.
When I had calmed down and got bored, I brought out my camera from my bag and started taking pictures of the rain and the flood. 

I was on the verge of being very pessimistic then, but by the end of the day I thought to myself "What would I gain by being pessimistic? What do I gain by complaining?" Of course, the answer is nothing, except bad thoughts and more complaints. Since I always try to be optimistic nowadays (one of the better changes I've gone through) I decided to just call it another experience. Plus, it's another anecdote I can share. :))

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