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Little Louie's Cupcakes! ❤
Saturday, June 16, 2012

So yesterday, after being dismissed early from our last afternoon class at UP Manila, I went straight to DLSU to attend their Centennial Closing Bazaar. I really had no intention of shopping or anything. I was just there for two things: to finally see the inside of DLSU (because I'm lame and I've never been inside) and to look for Little Louie's Cupcakes! And I must say, mission accomplished!

Since we got there at around a quarter to six, there were only quite a handful of boxes left. It was fine though, the flavors left were still some I wanted to try.
My brother's pick, the special DLSU-themed cupcake! The flavor of this was Salted Caramel.
My brother said he really liked this and kept saying "Ang sarap!
I picked the Apple Carrot cupcake for my mom. 
Mom liked this and I tasted it as well, so I agree! Although I wish the cream cheese frosting tasted a pinch more cheesy. I'd order it again, even though I'm biased over my own mom's carrot cake creations. ;)
Salted Caramel for me! In the middle of the cupcake was a gooey salty caramel sauce. 
I almost wondered where the salted caramel flavor was, when I bit into the middle and found out. Yum!
Hazelnut Dream for little bro. This was really a dream... <3
This was just pure chocolate-hazelnut goodness! I'd definitely order more of this!

My brother and I wanted to try their Red Velvet cupcake, but sad to say there didn't seem to be any left. But at least we finally got to try the others! :) I was also looking for some Bailey's cupcakes, but they didn't have them. Oh well.

Overall, Little Louie's Cupcakes are super yummy and satisfying. They definitely satisfied my craving. I'll be ordering a lot more soon, probably when I've saved up a good bit of my allowance. ;)

P.S. If you are curious about another flavor, my best friend Myka blogged about Little Louie's Cupcakes' Jack Daniel's cupcake here. :)

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