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How long does happiness last?
Saturday, June 2, 2012
     This isn't about anything, really, just things that have been happening lately. I have to share it because it seems so unusual to me. 
     For the past week or so, I've been very happy. Very. Happy. You may wonder, if I'm so happy, why is it unusual? It's unusual simply because I've never been this kind of happy, the kind of happy that feels content, peaceful and blessed. Like nothing could go wrong, or at least if anything did, it wouldn't matter. 
     At first I was scared of being so happy. I was scared that it would only be temporary, that it would come at a price. I was paranoid that some universal force would ask for something in return. It's happened to me before, so I can't shake it off. I'm trying to though, and it's been working. I feel happy and positive everyday. And everyday, something good and almost unexpected happens. It's all fine and wonderful, but it's so weird! For me at least. 
     I've never felt this blessed before. Somehow, through everything that's happened lately, I feel my faith getting firmer everyday. I'm not as religious as most people I know, but I still believe. I may have my own interpretations of a few things, but I'm still holding strong to my faith. I'm content and grounded. I'm happy because everyone else around me is happy too.
     There's not much to post about here, I just wanted to at least mark this time and remember it. Who knows how long this feeling will last? All I can do is live it day by day. I'm glad I developed my "Be Positive!" attitude, I don't know what I would've done without it.

Well, good night. :)

P.S. Thank for the Kreativ Blogger award, Denise! As of now, I am still weeping from the joy and shock, so I'll post about it next time. :'))
P.P.S. I've been planning a little makeover for my blog, so if you ever encounter it looking wonky, I'm just trying to fix it up. ;)

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