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Tuesday, May 22, 2012
"Whatever will be, will be"

Oh how I missed blogging! If it isn't obvious, I've been on a bit of a break, haven't I? 

I've been quite "busy" I suppose, spending time with friends, with family, and by myself. Also, I've been busy with college enrollment and other requirements. It's been quite a surreal and fun experience. Finally, I've seen our campus and felt it around a bit. After all, UP Manila will be my home for the next four years (when all goes well of course, I'm sure it'll be hard work). Oh, and I've met my blockmates! I honestly feel like I'm lucky to be blockmates with a group of seemingly friendly and humorous people! :D We're slowly becoming a family. :))

Anyway, I'm glad I'm starting to get a bit busy already. At first, I was kind of overwhelmed by the whole idea of finally entering college. I started to get paranoid, thinking "how in the world will I do this?" and "how the hell will I fit in?". That went on for two days until I just finally told myself to chill the eff out and just do it. Now, I'm extremely excited to enter college! Still a tad bit nervous of course, but I'm feeling positive vibes.

I guess I might post a number of posts for the rest of the week so I can properly relate what I've been up to. Some music posts, nail art posts ('cause I'm not over it yet), and probably a whole post about how AWESOME and EPIC BBC's Sherlock TV series is. I'm still having a hangover from it's epic-ness after finishing seasons 1 and 2. If you've watched it and loved it, then you probably know what I'm feeling now. If you haven't, give it a shot! You don't even have to read the original stories (although it would make it even better if you did) as it is a contemporary adaptation.

Until my next post/s! :D

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