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Friday, April 20, 2012
Just me and my best friends again. These photos are from last Tuesday when we went swimming at the clubhouse in Citta Della. We've somehow made this a summer tradition of sorts. It was Jeck's first time with us though. 

I didn't take much pictures since I only had my phone with me. Myka has a lot more in her post though. :) I enjoyed swimming around too much to get out of the pool and snap some. 

Have I expressed how much I love swimming? When I got home, my body was aching all over! :))

 I think we got there at around 11. We sat for a while just chatting before we decided to hit the pool.

Listening to Jet Horns while waiting for Myka and Jeck to get back from McDo

After swimming. Myka and Jeck
Pam and I
The afternoon sky looked really nice that day.
photo from Pam
photo from Myka. On our way home
Time spent with these guys is just the best, I swear. :)

Until my next post.

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