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Saturday, May 5, 2012
Well, it's been a few days since what happened. If you don't know what happened, look around here.

I guess we all have our own coping mechanisms. Right now, I've been trying my best to cope with what happened. I've been experimenting with nail art again, which I previously mentioned as one of my new summer hobbies. I've been reading a lot to distract myself and get sucked in a different reality. Tweeting like I normally do about random stuff, like the weather. Listening to music is always a surefire way to be comforted. Actually fixing my papers and requirements for my enrollment. I'm watching Discovery Channel and National Geographic more often too, because, if you didn't know, I really like watching those channels. In fact I used to watch those channels a lot when I was younger. :)

It's been working to some extent. I mean, after three straight days of bawling my eyes out, I seem to have finally run out of tears. I guess I'm in what you might call the acceptance stage. It also helps that my family is dealing with it better than I am. Although I still can't joke around about the situation, they've been helpful. And of course, I've got my friends and best friends. You guys know who you are. ;) Just talking/tweeting with them really helps a lot. It makes me even more grateful as well. Even a few people who I'm not that close or familiar with sent me a short comforting sentence or two, and it's been really nice and heartwarming. So thanks to you guys too. I really, really mean it. :)

Until my next post, which I promise will be on a happier note. :)


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