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London Fashion Week '12
Wednesday, March 7, 2012
I always look forward to checking out what London has in store every time fashion week comes around. This season didn't quite leave me as awestruck as before, but it didn't disappoint either.

Burberry Prorsum
Burberry just comes up with the most wonderful coats and jackets and I can only dream of owning one right now. This collection was lovely and warm and makes me wish I could wear coats in our country. Sigh, if only the Philippine tropical weather wasn't a barring factor.

Matthew Williamson
Matthew Williamson is also one of the designers I adore. The very first look that opened the show(as seen on the leftmost side) definitely caught my eye, but I'm not a big fan of fur unless it's faux. The pantsuit looks
were obviously my favorites, but there were a few dresses in the collection as well.

McQ by Alexander McQueen
Though the fashion world still misses Alexander McQueen, his ingenious style and aesthetic lives on, kept alive by Sarah Burton. Burton did not miss a beat in this collection and every look that marched down the runway was fit for McQueen (yeah, I just had to say it).

Paul Smith
Another collection filled with well-tailored clothing. The opening piece, reminiscent of a smoking jacket, really set the tone of the show for me.

(1st, 2nd look) House of Holland, (3rd, 4th) Topshop Unique
The House of Holland show was very youthful and colorful. All the lines and patterns had a nice, fun effect as well. Meanwhile, Unique held a few pieces I wish I had in my wardrobe (if only...). The colors were nice and subdued and a lot of pieces were oversized and looked extremely comfy. The last collection I saw from Topshop Unique was actually that dalmatian disaster, so this is a nice turnaround. :)

And that's all for this post. 2 Fashion Weeks down, 2 more to come! 


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Hi! Love your blog! I follow you, please follow me todo
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Blogger Anya Cruz said on March 17, 2012 at 9:00 PM  

Thanks! I followed you as well. ;)

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