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“In search of something immortal in mortality."

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Sunday, March 11, 2012
I was tagged by Denise! Seriously, I didn't expect to be tagged. So imagine my surprise when I saw my name. I was like:
So thanks Denise, I feel so quality right now. :))

So, the task is "to say 11 things about yourself and answer my questions provided below. You should do the same by providing 11 questions and tagging others as well." Seems easy enough. But then again, I always seem to find it difficult to say something about myself. Anyway, Challenge Accepted.

11 things about myself
1. I love to draw. I swear, I really do. It was my childhood frustration. Since I watched a lot of anime back then and I had a lot of favorite anime characters and crushes, I wanted to try and draw them. I was always inspired by other artworks I'd see, and I'd push myself to get better at drawing. Although I don't draw as much now, I'm trying to get back into that habit. I love art too much.
2. I can't live without the Internet. Just had to add this because it's true. I cringe at the thought of losing Internet access. I feel so disconnected without it.
3. I like thinking. Maybe a little too much sometimes, but it's become a habit now. I like things that make me think. I like wondering and contemplating about a lot of things. 
4. I try to keep an open mind to different possibilities and opinions. I take other people's perspectives and try to see it from their point of view. I keep an open mind when it comes to scientific matters, as well as religious ones. When it comes to people's opinions, I will listen, but if I think it's baseless, ignorant and close-minded, I will judge you, criticize you and think you're stupid. It's just an impulse I've grown.
5. My dream is to open my own cafe/bookstore/whatever-else-I-might-think-of. It's been one of my dreams for a long time now. I just love cozy cafes, with that warm and welcoming ambiance. I love the smell of fresh coffee and hot chocolate, as well as seeing displays of delicious cakes and cupcakes. Mix all that with a shelf full of books and I'll be happy. 
6. Sometimes, I think I was born in the wrong era. I think I should have been born during the Renaissance. Or maybe the Victorian Era. You might even be able to put me anywhere between the 1900s-1960s. Or maybe I just find those periods interesting. Sometimes, I even wonder if I had past lives, or if we really do have past lives. 
7. I'm a procrastinator. I'm really good at procrastinating. Often times I wonder how I maintain my grades. I barely study, only when I really feel the need to. I cram all the time. Once, we were asked at class what we wanted to change about ourselves. At my turn, I said I wanted to be less lazy and study more. Everybody was like "You're lazy?! You don't study? WEHHH." Sorry to disappoint, but that's just my study/procrastination habit. I produce better results when I cram. 
8. I'm a night person. I'm alive at night until early mornings. I hate noontime. I love the dusk and the dawn. I love lovely, warm afternoons too, but really, I'm more of a night person. I dream of city lights and evening joyrides to nowhere. I like the peace and quiet of the evening time, most of all. Everyone's asleep, and when I can, I wait to hear the sounds of the neighborhood waking up. Just those little moments fill me and make me feel content somehow. 
9. Bookworm! I love a good book, old or new, fiction or non-fiction--but mostly fiction. I love smelling them too. I get high from the smell of my books when I open my book cabinet. :>
10. I love shoes. Like, seriously L-O-V-E. Give me a pair of good looking shoes--especially heels and wedges--as a present and I might just love you. Although I'm broke most of the time and can't buy all the shoes I want, dreaming about them makes me happy too. 
11. There's more to me than meets the eye. An overused quote, but it's true. I feel like most people have an immediate impression of me as being the smart, serious girl. Also, I'm quiet most of the time at school except when with friends. I guess I'm not approachable? I really don't know. 
...and I've run out of sensible things to say or add to those.

And now, the part where I answer questions. 
11 Questions
1. What is your genre of music? Why do you like it the most?
- I listen to almost anything. Except country. I detest country music. But I guess my genre would be indie. My iPod consists mainly of indie songs and artists. I'm not being hipster, it's just that I really like the sound and diversity of indie music. :)
2. Who is your celebrity crush?
 - Wow, where do I start... Haha, kidding! I have one celebrity crush that I have crushed on for the longest time; Gaspard Ulliel. I loved him most when he was still 19-21. :"> Another would probably be Andrew Garfield. 
3. What is your favorite thing to smell?
 - It's more of 'things' rather than just one thing. Anything my mom bakes. Cinnamon. Coffee. Vanilla. Books. Rain.  
4. In your lifetime, how many crushes did you ever had?
 - Let me see... One, two, three, four... I guess about five to six? All of them I had crushes on during my elementary years. I don't have real life crushes anymore, and I'm abnormal like that.
5. What is your plan B in life? Example, you want to be a doctor and that doesn't work out. What's plan B?
 - I still don't know what I want to be, whether I want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a designer, or whatever. But let's say that my dream cafe is plan A, and that doesn't work out. I might try out being photographer instead, or maybe a professor at a university.
6. Would you rather take care of four babies or four animals?
 - FOUR ANIMALS PLEASE! I don't like babies that much. They can be adorable, but I'm not fond of cooing over them all the time and stuff like that. I'd rather take care of animals. 
7. What's the last thing you've cried about? Not sob, or weep, fucking CRIED about.
 - How incredibly insensitive my dad is being. I don't how his life really is with the step family, but he could be a bit more present in my life. I don't think I want to explain this any further.
8. If you were forced to starve for a week, let's say you had to start starving on a Monday, what would you eat, when you're finally allowed to eat, the next Monday?
 - My mom's chocolate cake, carrot cake, cheesecake and cookies. Actually, I'm craving for all those right now.
9. If you had a chance to be REALLY good at one thing, what would it be and why?
 - Acting. Another dream of mine is to work at the theater. Whether onstage or backstage, I want to try it out. I want to try out REAL acting, where you're required to be able to dance and sing too, not just be good looking.
10. WILD CARD~ Tell me one question you wish you were asked and answer it. :)
 - The question: "If you could have a conversation with any person right now, living or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about?" (yeah, beauty pageant question. :P)
     I guess I'd have to say my grandfather, maternal side. When I was younger, I don't think I appreciated him enough, especially since when he tried to talk to me, I couldn't understand because he couldn't speak that clearly anymore. My mom, grandmother, aunt and uncles would always tell stories about him, and I wish I could have known that side of him more. We'd talk about life and then about food. :)
11. Describe one thing you like in the most passionate way you possibly can.
 - One thing I'm passionate about is the pursuit of knowledge. The one thing I've always been consistent in is learning more. Now that I think about it, I'm a learner. A student of life. I want to learn anything and everything. That's how I've always been, wanting to learn more and more and more, no matter how full my brain feels. I like thinking. I like debates and smart conversations. I like observing and learning more about the complexity of human beings as much as I hate witnessing human stupidity. I don't want to pursue knowledge because I want to be more intelligent than the rest. I just want to learn. Education is endless and goes beyond the classroom. I can't imagine myself stepping of the track of knowledge at all.

Whew, that was loooooong.
Now, who do I tag? . . . I tag... Myka, and Alliza! >:)) I'd tag more, but they aren't really active here. :/ 
Here are the 11 questions you must anwer:
1. What is the first thing you do/think of when you wake up?
2. If you had to give up one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
3. What did you last dream about?
4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
5. Describe your perfect day.
6. What is/are your bad habit/s?
7. Top 3 things that scare the hell out of you.
8. What talent do you wish you had?
9. What is one thing you want everyone to know about you?
10. If you could share a piece of advice to anybody, what would it be?
11. You are given the chance to live the life of any TV/Movie/Book character. Which character would you pick and why would you want to live his/her life?

Hope my questions are fine. :) Well, hope you guys take the time to fulfill this task! >:))

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