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Valentine's Day
Thursday, February 16, 2012
A late Happy Valentine's day greeting from me to you! 

I haven't been able to post in a while, and now is a perfect time to update. :)

I wanted to make a post yesterday, but I was a bit preoccupied since yesterday was our Junior-Senior Prom. No, I wasn't excited about the event. I was more excited about dressing up and seeing what all the others were going to wear. And of course, I was excited about the food. :)) 

Here are a few photos we took before we left:

With and without glasses. 
I seriously wish I could have had contacts made in time, just for a change. Oh well papel.

My accessories for the night

with my prom partner, Jak
I love my polka-dot dress! I shopped at the last minute (day before, in fact--spell STRESS), and my mom and aunt somehow found this in one of the racks at the mall. I was hesitant at first, but I'm glad they found it now. I even imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing something like it. :)

With my friend Pau 

Wacky shot, although I look more like I was caught off guard :))

Pau and Jak
While in the car on the way to the Marriott Hotel, I still didn't feel like we were going to attend prom. Heck, I didn't feel it even when we were already being introduced and entering the ballroom! After the entrance and our ever so embarrassing mess of a cotillion, they skipped straight to dinner. I was bit annoyed that they didn't follow the program they made me do in a hurry, but all that disappeared once we ate.

My dessert plate. The chocolate cake was to die for!
 We had a buffet, although I personally would've preferred to have a course meal. But anyway, the food was so much better than last year! I forgot the names of the food, but they were all surprisingly good.

Mango Panna Cotta. This was pleasantly scrumptious.
After dinner, we had our Turnover ceremony, and a few performances lined up.

4th year boys. Loved their dance! :))
4 of my classmates dancing to Christina Aguilera's Express. 
Too bad I don't have a photo from our dance. I wasn't able to take anymore pictures either since I only had my phone's camera to use.

In conclusion, prom turned out to be better than expected. I still had fun, especially on the dance floor. :)) Sometime during the slow dancing though, a few of us suddenly started all the 'this-is-our-last-prom' lines. Some of the senior boys even started dancing with all of us girls. :)) 

Abusing the powder rooms' mirrors

One of the last few memories of our high school life that I'll definitely never forget. 


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