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New Year, New Plans
Friday, January 6, 2012
Well, it's 2012! Somehow I feel the difference from the year previous to now though it's been only a few days of the new year. I mean, even reading my previous post makes me feel like that was from a long time ago (everything's better now)! 

With the coming of this year, I feel so much need to grow even more. No, I didn't really decide to make New Year's resolutions; I've never tried and I don't think I'll be starting that tradition anytime soon. I just believe that I better start this year well organized to keep myself from straying, getting stressed and disorganized again.

For one, I really need to keep up with my online presence, especially here on Blogger. I've traveled to so many nooks and crannies of various kinds of network sites and communities here on the Internet that I've almost lost track and interest in all of them. No promises, but I hope to improve myself on maintaining my multiple profiles. Also, I've trying to get into the rhythm of writing again, as well as getting back into my habit of drawing.
Whew! There are just so many things to try and improve upon that I'm quite excited now! 

My mantras for this year? THINK POSITIVE and STAY INSPIRED. I'll really need to stick to these mantras to keep myself on track. 

     Happy New Year to everyone! :)

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